right here and now

all i want in the world is for everyone to just let me slip through the cracks


i’ve got to the point of band obsession in which i don’t even question if i like their songs i just accept everything they do like it’s just my life now and there’s no turning back

literally me for the fray, jason mraz, paradise fears, alexis babini, and the cab.


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im just so alone here. all the time. why doesnt anyone want to be my friend?

fuck feeling like this. im going to bed.

can’t even handle how much i love music holy fucking shit dhbsyjdjnsshbr im like tripping right now i can’t even

YouTube - The Fray - Heaven Forbid
The Fray / How To Save A Life

The Fray - Heaven Forbid

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i fucking hate my life. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck this shit.

i just wish that i didnt exist.

so happy.

im not on staff anymore, but i reposted something for SLTP, hoping someone might make a small donation because its cyber monday. and a student id tried to recruit last year messages me to say hes signing up for next summer. i dont think ive ever been happier to get one. i am beyond words. im finally realizing that i can still make a difference through sltp. i can still make differences without sltp. and this boy has already made the difference for me. i am so happy. this is my why. this is why sltp is important to me and why i still believe in it. i got one